"an expertly tailored, absurdist fuck-you to the rom-com, and a ringing endorsement for the symbiosis of

editor Kyle Blair-Henderson and composer Michael Sempert."

---  Vulture


"An inward survey of those intricate expanses between ourselves and others."

---  Impose

"This is a track I put on repeat and imagine a different story for each play through. It feels like a science fiction story put into music, and I have the pleasure of deciphering it."

--- New Classic LA


"To put it bluntly, I don’t know of a more talented songwriter in the Bay Area"

SF Station


"Like a high-concept mashup of two of the slickest eras of pop production... ebullient"
— Pitchfork


"Synthesizer crescendos create a lonesome soundscape"




Lyfstyl Music


"So gorgeous I find myself playing it over and over again… Lulls you into magic"
— Futuresounds


"Linear forms with an emotional pop arc."



"High fidelity on both an intimate and epic scale."

Ghettoblaster Magazine


"An absolute stunner."

The Bay Bridged


"Epic art pop"

— Dazed Digital


"Ripe with the flickering, rare magic"



"Beautiful... eloquent"

— Friends With Both Arms


"Awesome...and wildly unsettling"

The Fader


“A little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll, a little bit electronic and all kinds of intriguing pop.”
— The Onion AV Club





"When Neil Young discovered the synthesizer, he made Trans.  San Francisco's Birds & Batteries demonstrate another — dare we say better? — way that combination could have worked."






© 2020 Michael Sempert 

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