Love In Dangerous Times. Dir. Jon Garcia. 2020. Feature Film. Original Score
The Kid Who Only Hit Homers. Dir. Carlos Gonzalez. 2020. TV Movie. Original Score
Roads to Olympia. Dir. Ramazan Nanayev. 2019. Feature Film. Original Score
Bixler High Privated Eye. Dir. Leslie Kolins Small. 2019. TV Movie. Original Score
A Room Full of Nothing. Dir. Elena Weinberg. 2019. Feature Film. Original Score
Sex Weather. Dir. Jon Garcia. 2018. Feature Film. Original Score
A Seasonal Thing. Dir. Marcus Jones. 2018. Short Film. Original Score
Dynamite. Dir. Leila Jarman. 2018. Short Film. Original Score
Stock. Dir. Jeff Loveness. 2018. Short Film. Original Score
Jaywalking. Dir. Peter Eaton. 2018. Feature Length. Original Score
Women and Sometimes Men. Dir. Lesley Demetriades. 2017. Feature Length. License of original song "Distance"
Fun Mom Dinner. Dir. Alethea Jones. 2017. Feature Length. Additional Music
Homestate. Dir. David Hickey. 2016. Feature Length. Original Score.  Winner, Audience Award, Austin Film Festival
Nicholas Nixon - The Brown Sisters. The Museum of Modern Art. 2016. Original Score
Hey. Dir. Joselito Seldera. 2015. Digital Short. Original Score
The Missing Girl. Dir. A.D. Calvo. 2015. Feature Length. License of original song "Finest Line"
The Truth Below. Dir. Scott Glosserman. 2011. Feature Length.  License of original song "Lightning (UTNG Version)"
Grey's Anatomy Episode #1412. 2018. ABC. License of song "Distance"
The Fosters Episode #5013. 2018. Freeform TV. License of song "What I Want"
Hamilton's Pharmacopeia Episode #206. 2017. Viceland. License of songs "Greatest Minds" "Rain & Sunshine"
Bloodline Episode #308. 2017. Netflix. License of custom song "For A Long Long Time"
Quantico Episode #215. 2017. ABC. License of original song "Distance"
Heartbeat Episode #106. 2016. NBC. License of original song "Distance"
Stitchers Episode #2004. 2016. Freeform. License of original song "Distance"
Defiance Episode #207. 2015. SyFy. License of original song "Finest Line"
Revenge Episode #418. 2015. ABC. License of original song "Mid Dream"
90210 Episode # 067. 2011. CW. License of original song "Lightning (UTNG Version)"
Gossip Girl Episode #409. 2010. CW. License of original song "Lightning (UTNG Version)"
Commissioned Works
The Villain for Clarinet Choir. 2016.  Jeff Anderle.  for B♭ clarinet  and bass clarinet
Uncanny Valley. 2013. Areon Flutes. for three flutes and samples
One Tree Catching Light. 2012. Areon Flutes. for three flutes and samples
Train Dreams. 2012. Areon Flutes. for three flutes and samples, digital collage of Chia-Ying Chiang's "Four Elements"
Selected Commercial Work
Black Hills Energy. Travis, Field-to-Table Chef. Broadcast TV. 2019
McCormick Spices. 128 Years. Broadcast TV. 2017
Royal Bank of Canada.  Jason Day. Broadcast TV. 2016
Cointreau. Soirée. Digital. 2016
Cabela's. Disconnect Day Anthem. 2015
VISA. Small Business Spotlight. Digital. 2015
Dunkin' Donuts. Get Stuff Dunkin'. Digital. 2015
Panda Express. #orangechickenlove. Digital. 2015
Notable Performances
Mike Sempert -
SF Jazz Center, TED @ IBM Conference 2015, San Francisco, CA.
Austin Film Festival, Driskill Hotel, 2016, Austin, TX.
1st Youth Orchestra Festival -
Rathaus, 2017, Vienna, Austria
Areon Flutes
Bryant Street Gallery, 2012, Palo Alto, CA.
The Episcopal Church of St. Mary the Virgin, 2017, San Francisco, CA.
Birds & Batteries
Great American Music Hall, 2007, San Francisco, CA.
Museum of Contemporary Art, 2009, San Diego, CA.
Piano's, 2010, New York City, NY.
SXSW Official Showcase, 2011, Austin, TX.
Noise Pop, 2011, San Francisco, CA.
Switchboard Music Festival, 2011, San Francisco, CA.1st You
California Academy of Science, 2013, San Francisco, CA.
Doe Bay Music Festival, 2012, Orcas Islands, WA.

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